Word of the Year 2018!

My word of the year for 2018 is PRACTICE.  I chose it for a few reasons.  Practice has two related meanings.  A practice is something you do regularly – like a yoga practice or a gratitude practice.  It also is a verb meaning to perform repeatedly to improve a skill. It feels safe “it’s only practice” – no need to be perfect.  It is also a fantastic word for trying new things.  This year, I have a huge list of potential ideas to improve my life.  It’s not feasible for me to do all the things all the time.  But it is feasible for me to try one or two of the things each month and decide at the end of the month if I wish to keep practicing as I have been doing, alter how I have been practicing or release that practice all together.  

As is true for many of you, I have some practices in my life that I enjoy and add value, so I intend to maintain those alongside these new practices.  I will divide practices into monthly, weekly and daily routines.  It is oh so important for me to assess my progress (I love a gold star!), so I will create visual charts to monitor.  At the end of the month, I will post a recap to show what worked well for me and what did not.  

For right now, I am just posting this little tease as to what is to come.  In the next couple days, I will show you how I am organizing these goals for the new year.  Do you choose a word of the year?  If so, what is your word for 2018 and why did you select that one?

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