Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Practice

With my word of the year, I intend to practice new things continuously for one month.  In addition, there are habits that I wish to continue to practice on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Each month, I will reveal my new practice for the month with some conclusions about the prior month.  To get started, here are my categories of habits I want to practice all year.  


  • Write an honest-to-goodness real letter to someone.  I have a penpal now, and I am enjoying writing to my grandmother.  
  • Take a hike with Pi.  This will be a new practice, but I already know that I want to do this at least once per month.
  • Clean a closet/drawer. 
  • Watch a documentary.  I love documentaries, but when I think to watch them, I often choose something trashy instead. With a goal of once a month, I hope to help myself become a decently educated, compassionate person rather than root for the least jerky of the real housewives.  
  • DIY home project – this will be fun!  I have so many ideas for this, and will post about them as they arise.  


  • Update financial situation.  This year, I will be on my own, with no other contributing adults in the household.  I can do it, but it will be tight.  The only way to keep a disaster from happening is to monitor my finances very regularly.
  • Blogging – this is new to me.  I hope I will blog more frequently than once a week, but I am committed to weekly blogging for this year.  
  • Take care of plants/garden.  In winter, there will be less to do because I only have to take care of the indoor (succulent!) plants I have.  In spring and summer, I will need to get my hands into the dirt and tend my yard.  


  • Read a minimum of 15 minutes before bed.
  • Wash all makeup off my face/brush teeth and hair before bed, make bed in the morning.
  • Daily gratitude list.  I started doing this based on inspiration of Tammi Salas, and it has changed my life.  I’ll talk more about that later, but you can look at my instagram if you are too impatient.  You can also look at #tammisgratitudetribe if you want to see really awesome ideas for that project.  
  • Do something creative.

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