PRACTICE – January, week 1

Hello Wildflowers!  How has your 2018 started?  Mine has been going great despite VERY cold temperatures here in Baltimore.  I have had a great week starting and continuing with practices that feel good to me.  Here is a graphical glimpse at my progress:

bullet journal

Yay!  All green!  This weekend I will tackle some of my monthly goals.  It won’t be the hike with Pi one, that’s for sure!  It’s way too cold for that.  But I am going to be alone (gloriously ALONE) tonight, so I think I will watch a documentary and write a letter. Feels good to tend all the areas of my life that feel good to me.  Oh, and at my sober meeting (AA), I got this:

7 month chip

But I am struggling with the Whole30.  The true purpose of using this program is to get my sugar intake under control.  I am not a person who thinks that sugar is poison, because I know what poison means and it really isn’t.  BUT, it is a substance that is highly addictive and mindless use of sugar leads to increased habitual use.  That’s where I was and why I decided to do something about it.  My nature is overreaction.  When I decided to start running, I trained for a marathon.  I make things BIG!  I do tend to follow through, but I’m sometimes miserable in the midst of it.

Whole 30 may have been an overreaction as well.  I wanted to control my sugar intake and now somehow I can’t use anything with soybean oil in it.  I have to ADD fat to my meals in the form of plated fat.  Ok, ok, that’s how they do it.  I’m just saying that I maybe didn’t need a formal program that addressed many, many food issues, when all I really wanted to address is sugar.  

What am I liking with Whole30?

I like that I am not craving sugar.  I like that I’m actually not very hungry most of the time.  I like that I am eating loads of vegetables and an apple tastes like the sweetest treat, just as it should! Despite the fact that I miss pasta, I am happy that I am not eating it.  I feel better without it.  I like that we bought a fridge full of veggies and they are almost all gone.  I mostly like that I feel in control of what I am eating.  

What I am feeling whiny about but still able to do?

I miss legumes most of all!  I love black beans and it is definitely black bean soup weather!!!  I miss grains a lot, especially rice and quinoa.  

What do I need to change up?

This is going to be very unpopular.  And please, for the love of god, do not report me to the Whole 30 enthusiasts, as they will surely troll me until I die.  I am going to put cream in my coffee.  There I said it.  I actually went out and bought, spend good money on, the coconut version of creamer because loads of enthusiasts raved about how delicious it was.  Either they have never tasted cream in their lives, or they are fucking liars.  Because it tastes awful!  I drank my coffee black for this week and I could continue to do that, but I prefer to have a happy life.  

coffee with cream

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