January is FINALLY over.  I know lots of folks have felt like January was long, but it really can’t be longer than for people doing Whole30.  I was really good about sticking to the program, except for that bit about the coffee.  I had a lot of things I wanted to do in January and I kept track in my version of a bullet journal chart. 

I completed all my monthly and weekly goals.  They are pretty simple goals, but help keep me on track with things that I want to do all year long.  

As for my daily goals, I think I did really good!  I did something creative everyday, did my gratitude list everyday, and had a >90% success with washing my face/tidying up every night, and did pretty well with reading a book each night before bed.  The yellow boxes indicate nights that I started to read and only made it for 5 minutes or so because I was too tired.  Red ones I missed altogether.  I am very pleased with those results.  Below I have added a gallery of my some of my favorite creative endeavors and gratitude lists (also creative endeavors – tend to kill two birds.)


I have to admit that I really got my sweet tooth in check by doing Whole30.  But I did not feel good on this program. Not terrible, but not good.  The literature on the program stresses vegetables and protein in your diet, and also fat.  The fat and the protein does keep you full, but for me it was really boring.  I missed grains and legumes so much!  I do like being in control of what I eat, and eating whole foods.  But eating all that meat didn’t sit well with me.  And it was so expensive!!  My weekly grocery bill is usually ~$150 or less.  Last week, I spent $238.  Way too much!  I think the thing I liked the least is that I had no joy in eating.  I was spending more than every on food and not looking forward to a meal.  Whole30 proponents would probably counter that food is meant to nourish you, not make you happy.  That’s true, but I like a little bit of both on that one.  

I plan to keep going with whole foods and lots of fruits and veggies, but I am adding back whole grains and legumes right away.  

One thing that I forgot to say and came back to edit in is that I lost 4.6 lbs and one inch off my waist this month. That should be said because it definitely got the ball rolling.  

I posted about my February practice here.  I will update soon with how it’s going.  


I love the journaling you are doing. This blog post is great💚 I’m going to start this March 1st! As an artist, I’ve always had lots of energy & found inspiration all around me, until a dreaded tick bite gave me Lyme 8 yrs ago. Your monthly chart idea will be a great way to inspire me to keep moving forward on my art journey with Lyme. Thank you with all my 💚. Kate

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