A Memade Wardrobe

In May of 2020, I made my first wearable garment. That’s not exactly true because when I was about 10 I made a sundress, which is when I learned how to read a pattern and work a basic sewing machine. When my kids were young, I made them several outfits, but didn’t really catch the sewing bug and didn’t make garments for myself.

Photo of woman taking selfie in mirror wearing a pink print top.
Photo of woman taking selfie in mirror wearing a pink print top.

Since that day, I have made many more garments. I have included some of my favorites in the gallery below. I now make all of my own clothing and haven’t purchased any clothing outside of shoes and underwear since May. (I’m now even making my own underwear!)

Sewing is about much more than the clothes to me. When I was a little girl, my grandma taught me to sew, crochet, knit, make jam, make bread and take care of plants. My grandma is 99 years old, still lives on her own, and just beat a case of pneumonia. She taught me all the things that I now do all the time as hobbies. They were enjoyable to her as well, but mostly were things that needed to be done. I can buy jam and bread for the same or less price than making it myself, and clothing is much cheaper to buy than make. The joy of making keeps me in it.

Of course, there are other benefits to sewing. A huge benefit to me is that I can have clothing that fits! I have a large bust and often to find clothing that is not tight across my chest, I have to buy things that are too big in other areas. It has been an absolute nightmare to find a simple tank top that fits without gaping at the arm holes. When I adjusted the Willow Tank pattern, by Grainline Studios to fit me, I almost cried with joy!

I am hoping to take some more time to document my memade wardrobe this year. Each month, I plan to make a new to me pattern (or better yet, develop a new sewing skill), do a pattern hack on a pattern I have already made, and make a “comfort make,” a tried and true pattern that I know will work and fit me. I hope to at least do one post per month to document these makes. Let’s see how it goes.