Not a poncho

Hand knit shawl poncho

Another finished hand-knit item. This one might look like a poncho, but the designer has made it quite clear that it is absolutely NOT a poncho, nor is it a crotch pointer. It wears more like a cowl so I’m not going to make a big point of it.
I love to do knit-a-longs, especially with my friends. Often, around knitting festivals there is a popular pattern that many people want to make. Or sometimes there’s one that just my group wants to make. Either way, I am motivated to finish that project and share the result with my friends.

The pattern is Magical Thinking by Casapinka. The yarn is a lovely blend of wool, cashmere, and silk made by Spirit Trail Fiberworks, who unfortunately are no longer in business. The colorways I chose are: scrimshaw, solace, and vortex.


I am pleased with how the “not poncho” came out. The yarn is silky and drapey but also nice and warm, my favorite for something worn by my face.